Specialisation training 02 is open to students who have completed 60 hours and above of in person training with AYM UK.  

The training may be taken as an individual module, but is also complimented by when combined with Specialisation training 01 and undertaken as an intensive. 

About The Course

A lot of people have neuropathic pain originating from the cervical spine or clavicle area. Despina can teach you what to do to relieve or reduce the pain, to help the clients in their journey to recovery, to help them understand their body better and move towards a lifestyle that supports them better. Also, how to work on the rest of the body, without agitating the affected areas.


Again, these are wonderful techniques in and of themselves, that are also very useful for other clients. We mostly work from the supine position, which can be a wonderful position to work from for clients who are comfortable. There is a reason savasana is usually in the supine position! These are very helpful additional techniques for all clients, and particularly useful for clients who have difficulty staying in the prone position because of tension in the upper body, difficulty breathing, abdominal pain, or early stages of pregnancy where clients are still comfortable for fair amounts of time in the supine position, but not in prone. Also particularly useful for clients who need a lot of work on the arms, which means most of the clients who need a lot of work around the cervical area and shoulder girdle can usually benefit from this. Massage therapists, musicians, yoga pracititioners who practise a lot of inversions, people who type a lot, people who work with their hands, artists, builders..

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