Our Workshops

These workshops are an amazing way to learn a short AYM sequence to offer to family and friends, understand your own body more, and you also receive the sequence as part of the workshop! Offering AYM is also good for your own body and mind. We move gently, focus on the present moment, on our breath and on feelings of loving kindness. So, at the end we feel the benefits from an easy yoga session combined with a loving kindness meditation. The workshops are also a brilliant way to dip your toes into the technique and see if a longer training might be for you! 

Here's what you'll get:

  • One 4-hour in person workshop 
  • Access to our online learning space
  • AYM Introductory manual (PDF)
  • Video technique  tutorials from the day
  • Follow up resources 
  • CPD certificate on request

Pricing options