Specialisation training 01 is open to students who have completed 30 hours and above of in person training with AYM UK. Ideally participants will have 60 hours or above however, this knowledge is invaluable for both experienced and beginner therapists, and can help therapists support clients better. As long as participants have practised AYM to the point that they understand their training well techniques well and their treatments flow, they would be able to participate effectively. 

The training may be taken as an individual module, but is also complimented by when combined with Specialisation training 02 and undertaken as an intensive. 

About The Course

You will learn how to adjust what you already know about Ayurvedic Yoga Massage to make it appropriate for pregnant clients, and non pregnant clients who cannot lie in the prone or supine (lying on front or back) positions because of health conditions or injuries.


Working from the side lying position is also beneficial in and of itself. These techniques work really well for clients with: neuropathic pain originating in the cervical spine, conditions of the circulatory system, stress, anxiety, dealing with recent loss or challenging situations in clients’ personal or professional lives, pathologies of the lungs, acid reflux. Also a very good position to work on the legs, particularly on clients who have a lot of sensitivity in the legs.


Whether you intend on regularly massaging these groups of people or not, having these options will give you confidence to support the needs of most clients that arrive. It also gives you more options and variety for clients who have regular massages with you.

Pricing options

We will retain £100 of your initial payment as your deposit subject our terms and conditions.